Plastic Surgery, Botox, Veins, Acupuncture

Surgical Artistry New Patient Forms

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Note: we moved in 2019 to Dale Road - across from Kaiser Hospital


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Plastic Surgery Modesto, Veins, Acupuncture, General Surgery
Calvin Lee
, MD  |  Tammy Wu, MD

Botox, Veins, Acupuncture, and Plastic Surgery


(209) 551-1888

We moved in March 2019:

4754 Dale Road
Modesto, CA 95356

8am-5:00 pm Mon-Fri

Located across from Kaiser Hospital (Emergency Room) on Dale Rd.

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Surgical Artistry Modesto Plastic Surgery Facebook.  This doesn't lead to the new Botox facebook page - for that link see bottom of webpage.      Botox coupons via Brilliant Distinctions Program run by the makers of Botox.  We are in Modesto, CA.  Allergan is located in California as well.     We are located in Modesto, CA, USA.  American Flag.

Calvin Lee, MD General Surgery, Veins, Acupuncture in Modesto, CA
Calvin Lee, MD
Board Certified
General Surgeon
Botox Injector 

Tammy Wu, MD Plastic Surgery Modesto
Tammy Wu, MD
Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon
Board of Directors for Cooperative of American Physicians, Los Angeles

4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA 95356

Some of our newest home-made webpages created around 6/15/12

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Modesto Chemical Peels (see pics of Dr. Wu getting a chemical peel from Dr. Lee)



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  • Our "Personal" FaceBook - everyone's welcome here.  This one is our fun and laid-back page.  Friend us for secret topics (nothing scandalous).  Hope you don't mind the posts about exercising, running marathons, cats, gardening, self-improvement, classical music.  This is our most popular page.  2326 friends as of 1/3/16

  • Our Business FaceBook - All about Surgical Artistry.  Topics include skin care products, announcements pertaining to the business, and the latest on plastic surgery, veins, Botox and acupuncture.  1892 likes as of 1/3/16

  • Dr. Calvin Lee's Botox FaceBook - just getting started on this page.  It's relatively new and has 1092 likes as of 1/3/16.


For future reference, our main web site is:

All web pages have been made personally by Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu.  Thus the pages have a home-made feel and look, but we like a direct connection to our web pages.


Surgical Artistry founded 2006.  Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu started practicing in Modesto in 2003.  Originally at McHenry Medical Group & Sutter Gould.
Disclaimer:  For medical advice, please see your doctor in person.  Oh wait! you are coming to see us.  Well, please ask us lots of questions when you meet with us.

(209) 551-1888.